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Aloha Farms Hawaii

Beeswax Tea Lights - 4-pack


Pure Hawaiian Beeswax Tealights 

  • Honey essence and air purifying
  • All natural and non-toxic

Beeswax is the purest of all candle waxes. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-carcinogenic. It cleanses the air of dust, odors, toxins, mold and pollen. It is exceptionally long burning with a bright golden halo, while emitting a natural aromatic honey essence. Each candle is hand-crafted with care and attention.

"Island Made with Aloha"


Please allow 2 days for us to prepare your order, and 4 to 5 days for delivery as we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

For best results:
Keep wick trimmed to 1/4". Keep away from drafts. Candles will burn longest if burned in one long session and in a tea light holder. Burn on a stable, non-flammable surface. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from pets and children. 3-4 hour burn per tea light candle. 

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