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Tropical Blossom Blend Honey

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Pure Hawaiian Raw Natural Wild "Tropical Blossom Blend"

  • WILDCRAFTED HAWAIIAN NECTARS OF: Lehua, Citrus, Macadamia, Chrismas Berry, Mango, Kukui, Lilikoi & Other Wild Flowers.
  • Raw honey and unprocessed
  • All natural and wild crafted

Our bees are strategically located in one of the most remote parts of the Hawaiian Islands. They forage on local organic gardens and the lush tropical blossoms of Hawaii.

Our most versatile honey, Topical Blossom Blend, is collected in the late summer and autumn from All types of trees, on the lower elevations of the island.

Most of the fruit trees, was originally introduced to Hawaii from Brazil.

  • Mango, Liliko, Kukui & Wilelaiki, produces honey with a brilliant amber sparkle and a peppery finish.

The bees are free to come and go as they please, making their home in our hives. We try to replicate nature as close as possible, using no chemicals, allowing the bees draw their own clean comb just as they would in their natural environment. All efforts produce the purest, most natural honey with a flavor unique to Hawaii.

"Island Made with Aloha"

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Please allow 2 days for us to prepare your order, and 4 to 5 days for delivery.

Please consider that our farm is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.   


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