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Aloha Farms Hawaii

40% Premium Kona / 60% Molokai "Hapa Blend" Coffee, Medium Roast


Roasted 40% Premium Kona / 60% Molokai Hapa Blend Coffee

Aloha Farms Hapa Blend is a unique combination of two Hawaiian grown coffees. The Kona beans have a bright vibrant flavor and the beans grown on the island of Molokai have a rich earthy profile with a syrupy mouthfeel. The results is a great coffee with a deep expansive range.

We encourage you to try our Hapa Blend coffee. It could quite possibly become your favorite!

  1. Origin: Kona District, Big Island of Hawaii
  2. Farms: “Uluani” Hualalai, Big Island of Hawaii / South Molokai Farms
  3. Altitude: 2224 ft.
  4. Varietal: Typica, Progeny 502
  5. Processing: Washed
  6. Roast: Medium

Fresh crop 40% Kona / 60% Molokai Hapa Blend Coffee, Extra Fancy and Estate 

"Island grown with Aloha"



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